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Personal, Team & Leadership Coaching

There is a myriad of research on the benefits of coaching; it can shift perspective, build confidence, and improve communication, relationships, and performance in the workplace and beyond. We offer one-on-one and team coaching inside organisations and personal coaching for individuals, providing a space for you to do your best thinking, reflecting and learning.


Do you have a new member or your team who needs a little extra support to fast-track their contribution to the organisation?  Do you have a rising star you need mentored into a leadership position? We offer mentoring to junior middle and senior leadership in a broad range of NPO roles.

NPO Organisational Resilience 

Do you need to… Redefine your vision and values?… Bring your team together to redesign your organisations operations?… Build motivation and momentum for a new direction?… We offer tailored approaches to strategy, planning, operational efficiency and other special projects.

Specialist Training Programmes

We offer facilitated learning experiences for groups of up to 20 people. All training is offered as a tailored package, either condensed or modular and can be held virtually, or in person.  We are currently offering training in Workplace Coaching & Mentoring, Facilitation Skills, Systems Change Leadership and Tools for Personal Resilience.


Do you need an objective, neutral person to guide a process in your organisation? A “facilitator” is one who makes a process easier, and often in organisations or passion-driven interventions, someone who is not intimately involved but cares about the intended outcome can do just that. 

Writing Your Story

Do you have a story in your organisation that needs to be told? Do you have a unique individual whose personal qualities are an inspiration to others?  A leader who is doing things differently? We love capturing case studies of inspiring and innovative individuals, projects or organisations that are challenging the status quo. 

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