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Poem: Hold the teacup with both hands

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

There are mornings when you have to hold the teacup with both hands

not because it is cold

but because the moment calls for it

There are mornings when the rain falls


making quiet all else in the world.

And you notice that the toast you’re eating

is not only a meal

but a congregation

of love

from the baker and his assistant

and the two overweight Labradors who greet you at the gate when you collect the bread

from your beloved in the discount cheese bought on Saturday

that turned out better than you expected

and from the team at your local supermarket

who unpacked and stacked and priced and swiped your butter

into your shopping bag

mornings when death, near or far

whispers to you

to come back

to one, glorious moment.

Simone Dale

ID 46802994 © Sonechka -

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